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WORST car rental experience ever! This is a HUGE scam!!

Run! I was told they had no cars in the class I reserved and would have to pay an upgrade fee if I wanted to leave the facility with a car. The car I was given didn't match the details on the contract I signed. It had no license plates on it and had an expiring temp tag in the window.

I requested and was given a new temp tag. The gas was on empty. I asked for the contract to be updated to show this and was told by a manager that it was updated in the system. During my week rental, I was pulled over by the police for having no license plate.

The policeman ran the temp tag and told me it was not valid since an invalid VIN number was listed on it and that I was driving an unlicensed behicle. He also told me this is how people and companies avoid paying registration fees. When I returned the car after a week of normal driving, I was told I had to pay a cleaning fee (amount never stated). I have now been charged for original reservation, upgrade fee, cleaning, and, OF COURSE, a tank of gas!

My $132 rental is costing $350.

The manager told me I would hear from him and never did. Please report this business and dispute your charges in person and through your credit card company.

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I have rented cars in Hawaii, New York, Florida, California, etc and NEVER had a company tell me that if I was ONE minute late, they'd add a fee; that if the gas level upon return was slightly off, I'd be charged $10 a gallon; that if I didn't purchase the toll feature, I'd pay $6.00 a day plus tolls; and that I could not PHONE in if I needed the car longer! The man who wrote the contract said these RIDICULOUS restrictions were due to many cars being stolen.

Charging HONEST consumers for the costs of thieves is an unjust policy.

If I wasn't in a jam I would NEVER have rented from this outfit. The premise of "customer service" is unrecognized here!

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