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Rented Toyota Rav 4 on Kayak for $115 and insurance for $81 but when auto was obtained, insurance prepurchased was refused. Cost was $435 (with GPS) for a manual (ordered automatic) sub class auto.

Hours very limited 6AM to 7PM, needed to drop off auto day before, no reduction in price. Also received an addition $25 on card for deposit, so an auto that was $200 became $541 plus an additional $15 for a taxi since they closed early unable to return at 4AM.

We were not the only people with this issue, another couple purchased insurance on Expedia also refused to honor. DO NOT purchase, this is false advertising and a bait and switch scam.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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We are facing the same problem right now. They are refusing our prepid insurance and asking for an extra 3 times as much as we already payed.

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