8/9/18 booked a car on Hotwire.com w/ date & time needed. When all was done booking confirmed day & time which I assume I was getting printed out my reciept w/ confirmation # notice it was wrong time it automatically took it as p/u @ 12:00pm & d/o @ 12:00 pm.

My flt arrived @ 6:00am so I know I requested the right time. Instantly I called ACE and spoke to TED on wrong p/u time on res was wrong. So he advised me to just come in@ 8:00am which is when they open I said no I arrive @6:30am. Hotwire never told me the open & close time.

So what do I do till then wait for the shuttle. Any who's I call for the shuttle for 8:00am and he tells me you know you are early I say yes & I was given false info when I booked car. I signed out for my Nissan Sentra that does not have a full tank of gas & only to find out that the ac only blows warm air & mind you I flew in to help my Mother do her business and doctor appts. After about 3 hrs I notice that the AC is not going to get cooler and now the passanger side seat belt is locked and cannot be used now it is a safety issue.

Call ACE and is instructed to return car ok back I go to exchange for a Volkswagen Jetta but before leaving we inspect vehicle & notice the engine malfunction light is on I get TED's attention & point it out the icon on the dash & tells him this is a safety issue I know this because I work for a car dealership & it is not right. He inturns tells me that it's ok & they just didn't have time to take it to the dealer to turn off light. Told him to note this because if anything happens he will be responsible he tells me no worry. Now I'm pressed for time to get my Mom to her next appt.

& leave. Well going down the road there is a eking noise like brakes dragging figure oh it'll go away & continue on my busy day. The next day the noise is still there but getting louder and on the 3rd day it is more like loud squeaking noise like you need to change your brakes asap. But we are on the other side of the Island and didn't want to go back & change yet another car.

Crazy so I continued to use it for 2 more days & dealed w/ the noise kept windows up & ac on high to mask noise. People even told us hey you need to change your brakes that's how loud it was. So basically this was a piece of crap car that had no service done on it and they still rented out to me. Not to mention the fear of OMG this car can malfuntion on me at time it was so stressfull to drive it but,I was there for a short period to take care of business for my Mom and had no time to be dealing w/ my rental that is why you rent cars to not have these kinds of problems.

This rental that I PRE_PAID for was a ripoff & UNEXCEPTABLE & did ask to cancel my reservation before renting because TED told me if I waited a week after to book I could have got it at 1/2 $ what a stupid thing to say to your 1st customer of the day. If you HOTWIRE wants to put deals out online then you better darn well know the Rental Company you are renting from has dependable and serviced vehicles. My car was not washed properly I had to clean the windows and the inside windows still had the suction cups of the gps the last cst used on the window had to clean that off cause it was distracting. Put the catcher of this whole mess is returning the car early on 9/3/2018 I told the agent that this car sucked and I didn't get his name and is not on my reciept.

He right away said he was SORRY & that they should'nt have rented out this car to me due to all the safety issues what ever it was and that he was going to tag it as "NO RENT" out. I had to return it early & when they were open so I could tell them of my issues so I returned before 8:00pm. I flew out the next morning @ 5:30 & had to make arrangement to get to the airport early the next morning. So I was out of a car for the night this was such an inconveinence for me.

This ACE rental does not even have the address on it's reciepts only a ph#. On top of all this my reciept shows the price of ACE charges not the amt I paid for on HotWire. I find it odd that you would show the customers this difference so we were not getting a deal! Totally not happy w/ my rental and demand to know what will be done about this situation and how it could have really been bad if it had malcunction while driving something could happend like the agent said to me.

This was unexceptable, unreliable and unsatisfied from renting from ACE RENTAL's I demand a refund or credit back to my card for this horrible experience you put me thru. Being a person that likes to plan my trips ahead this is why I thought it was a deal but as it pans out this is the worst experience in all my renting of cars & let me tell you I rent alot of cars in my time. Please let me know what is the out come of this bad situation on renting.

I considered BBB or Yelping ACE Rental cars but will wait for the out come from ACE or HOTWIRE my review will not be good for you all the safety issues that was over looked by ACE. Please just want what is fair and exceptable because now I think of it our lives was on the line here.

Thank You, Laurie Pabre-DeCasa 808-896-0363 glauried@gmail.com

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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